Oceanic & Water

Water is the driving force of all nature.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Inspired by the nourishment, purity and vitality of water and its raison d’être to support life, these Ketubot cast a net upon the aesthetic, metaphysical and metaphorical qualities of water.

In doing so, they arrive at outcomes which infer the effervescent and ephemeral textures of the surface of water, visualising the way light shines through and plays with water to conjur dapples, ripples, reflections and refractions.

Oceanic and seaside imagery is harnessed to visualise the energy and momentum of the waves, with waltz in moving meditations.

Deepening the discovery of the water and its surface interplay of light, these Ketubot dive into the depths of that which resides beneath the sea and provide glimmers of its spellbinding magic.