‘Trees of Convergence and Connection’ Ketubah

The coloured trees on either side of this Ketubah, representing the bride and groom, twirl, twist and dance into one another as they frame the text. Here, the branches and roots of each tree connect to create a unified geometric harmony.

This frame of interconnection reaffirms the union and unification of these destined soul mates, whilst trees echo the organic growth of this love. The embrace of the tree roots into an intricate system reflects the ordained destiny of these souls to find one another again, whilst the branches ‘marry’ into a converged canopy, gesturing the roof of the home to be created.

The hymn “אני לדודי ודודי לי – I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine” (Song of Songs – Shir HaShirim 6:3), a romantic declaration written by King Solomon wraps around the couples’ initials to create a dome sheltered beneath the branches. This psalm evokes the intrinsic commitment, care and responsibility mutually undertaken by husband and wife.

The bright, varied colour palette and dusted iridescent powder is a hymn to the beauty of love and immersion within it.