Frequently Asked Questions


How do I ensure my Ketubah is Kosher or satisfies my Rabbi’s requirements?

It is imperative that the text of your Ketubah is as accurate and detailed as the artwork itself. I am vigilant in adhering to the halachic requirements concerning the Ketubah. Therefore for each commission, I get in contact with the Rabbi officiating the marriage ceremony of each couple to provide the Hebrew for the Ketubah. I do not make any modifications to the text itself – with the exclusion of the font colour if the Rabbi is agreeable to this. Before anything is printed, I send the final design to the Rabbi to double check and approve- and in this way I ensure your Ketubah is Kosher ahead of your big day.

In situations where the Rabbi is unable to provide the Hebrew, I will make alternative arrangements to ensure the Kashrut and halachic fulfillment of your Ketubah.

What is the process to order a Ketubah?

Email me at [email protected] or fill in an inquiry form in the ‘Contact’ section and I will get in touch with you to discuss the thematic and artistic development of your Ketubah or special project further.

What is the timeline for commissioning a Ketubah?

The more time we have to work with the better – we can never start the process too early.

Ideally a 2-3 month notification period before the wedding is preferable (for weddings within Australia) and 3-4 months for international weddings.

Left it to the last minute? I can produce an original Ketubah artwork within a month, and predesigned Ketubah prints within a couple of weeks  – extra charges may apply in these circumstances and times may vary according to postage.

What are the prices?

All Ketubot are developed with you so as to best create your vision. They are hand drawn, painted and executed with the finest quality products. Finally they are printed with archival high grade inks at Melbourne’s Premium Art Printer

The cost of each artwork is individually calculated according to a variety of factors including:

• The size of the Ketubah and related printing costs
• The amount of time required to create the artwork as it relates to the design intricacy
• The use of additional complex design mediums e.g. embroidery, laser cutting, gold leaf embellishments
• The use of hand written text by a Sofer (a scribe who adheres to the highest Halachic requirements)
• Domestic and international postage and handling fees

Pricing (in AUD)

• Bespoke Ketubot start at $680

• Predesigned Ketubot start at $380

• Other pieces of Judaica artwork (e.g. Birkat HaBayit) start at $200

For further details regarding pricing please contact [email protected]


Get in touch for something personalised and special

I endeavour to work to create something that will suit all visions and varying budgets

Considering both the significant total cost of the wedding and the indispensible importance of the Ketubah to the ceremony, I believe it is worth making a proportionately small investment into your Ketubah.

This outlay will ensure that one of the few tangible remnants from the wedding is immortalised into a work of art that honours and celebrates your love today, tomorrow and forever.

*All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars.