Eretz Yisrael

In Israel, in order to be a realist, you must believe in miracles.” – David Ben Gurion

Tracing back to the period of the biblical patriarchs (c.1900 BCE) – nearly 4,000 years ago, there has been a presence of Jews living in Israel, the promised land. For Jews, no other country in the world is nourished with the same historical, religious, spiritual, cultural and biblical texture and significance as Israel. Indeed, Israel’s national anthem ‘Ha Tikvah – The Hope’ concludes reaffirming the dream to return to and rebuild Israel, “The hope of 2000 years: To live as a free people in our own land, the land of Zion and Jerusalem.”

These Ketubot draw inspiration from many aspects of the fertile tapestry of metaphors and motifs Israel provides– such as the 7 species harvested in biblical times which grow from its soil, its beautiful natural scenery, Mediterranean design aesthetic, imagery of the Kotel (Western Wall) and Jerusalem; the Eternal City whose composite stone glows with a golden elixir at sunset.