The Oceanic ‘Ripples’ Ketubah

This Ketubah features an oceanic inspired paper cut frame where wave like ripples echo and undulate across its surface.

The water colour painted background visually and thematically enhances the motif of water – celebrated for its vitality, nourishment, wonder and as a symbol of life.

When the laser cut frame is overlaid upon the watercolour background, the Ketubot artwork is crowned in a halo of totality, completeness and harmony – akin to the marriage itself which ripples through the passage of life.

The couples’ initials are painted in an iridescent silver. The metallic surface radiates with a shimmering glimmer, gesturing the sparkle of the sun dancing and dappling on the oceans surface.

Matching ‘Birkat Habayit – Blessing for the Home’ photographed alongside the Ketubah, reflecting the extension of the Ketubah design into other Judaica artwork.