Kinderlach Collection

The Kinderlach Collection visualises the adventures of fascinating figures and fantastical fictions, flowing, flying and (now) framed in worlds that celebrate magic, and make believe. This is a series perfect for kids and kinderlach, big and small. The painted stories harbour happiness and hope. Ideal for nurseries, bedrooms, play rooms and other multi purpose spaces, The Kinderlach Collection is a playful pairing of paintings with poems, prayers or psalms. Alternatively, select a significant or sentimental text of your own choosing.

In these whimsical and wondrous worlds, the starry silhouettes of waltzing whales and floating teddy bears carry our imaginations through dreamy cloudscapes and honeyed sunrises. The allegories woven into this space between sea, sky and stars probe at the possibilities of what can be, and become – as children close their eyes today, and wake up tomorrow.

All art made manifest through the brushes of Today Tomorrow Forever is painted with love, to celebrate love, and to celebrate life Рin all the beautiful and boundless ways this exists. Sometimes this is about the love between two souls marrying at eternity’s gate, and other times it can be about the love for the children that emerge, as they are guided by their families through this world. This is the essence of the Kinderlach Collection. Art to warm the heart, art to nourish the soul and art to excite the imagination.