Midnight Magic, between sea and stars

This artwork celebrates the cosmic wonder of stunning starry skies, serene seas and the magic manifest between them.

Between a serene soup of stars, sea and sky a whale is carried away into a dreamscape by a hot air balloon. Including this whale, there are 35 other family members (brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles) surrounding it, totalling 36 creatures in the composition. As the Jewish value for life is 18 (חי), the numerology of these custodians symbolises life, multiplied by itself. Here there are 7 species in which these family members are manifest, echoing the significance of 7 to the days of the week, as well as the agricultural cycles of biblical times in which the land was given time to rest.

In this artwork, the Shema (the declaration of the Jewish faith) and HaMalach HaGoel (‘The Angel who saved me’ prayer) are placed together as an ode of belief in Hashem, and the protection afforded through the divine. However these prayers can as easily be substituted for the Bedtime Shema or another of your choosing.

As children grow into this world, nourish their imaginations with the possibilities of what could be when they close their eyes today, and wake up tomorrow.
The magic lasts forever. We are all made of star dust. We are all connected.