Magic at Morning; a new dawn, a new day

This artwork celebrates the golden honeying sunrise of a new dawn, and a new day. The magic of the morning heralds exciting opportunities for learning and adventures for discovery.

Here a teddy bear is gently carried by a cloud balloon and brought back down to earth, ready for the next adventure. The morning mist is a meditative milieu for two rowers, gently gliding across a lake whilst two birds, guardian angels of the teddy bear fly above and keep a watchful eye.

In the Modeh Ani morning prayer, we thank Hashem for returning our souls to us with compassion. We awaken by the light of the sun and emerge into the world, anew and refreshed.

Whilst this piece has the Modeh Ani, all paintings can be paired with any psalms or prayers of your choosing. If you have a wall around the home that is calling for an artwork, please get in touch.

By the moonlight and under the stars we dream as we sleep. By the sunlight we actualise the potential to manifest these dreams, that were dreamed the night before.

May we see silver linings, peaceful reflections and beautiful sunrises, even in this stormy time in our world.