The Jewellery-generated Geometry & Lace Chamsa Ketubah

The pairing of the couples’ initials (יד‬‬) for whom this Ketubah was painted forms ‘Yad’ which translates from Hebrew as hand, and in turn the text of the Ketubah floats on a veil of bridal lace and is housed within a golden, iridescent Chamsa. 

The background is comprised of an intricate tessellated mosaic system of tiles, whereby the bride’s engagement ring provided the inspiration for the design of the tile.
Here, the architecture of the section view of the ring was abstracted, translated and transformed into the geometry of the tile module.

This detail offers a closer inspection of the tiles that backdrop the Chamsa, revealing the way in which the wedding ring was harnessed as the key design informant to inspire the composition of the tile (whose core form is the band and the solitaire it crowns).

The tiles are iterated in a harmonious community whereby neighbours prosper from a shared watercolour treatment in a soothing and cool colour palette that was selected by the Bride and Groom.

The intricacy of this execution; conceptually and visually, furthered with the iridescent gold finishes and lace together reflect the way elements relating to the wedding can inspire the Keutbah design.

Pictured, Rabbi Genende (Melbourne) reveals the Ketubah to those in assembly.

The Ketubah recital with the couple and their parents beneath the Chuppah.

Photos from the wedding ceremony courtesy of Chris Kapa, MeLoveYouLongTime.