The ‘Enchanted Forest’ Ketubah


The enchanted rainforest that grows in this Ketubah is layered with meaning, laced with memories and nourished with idiosyncratic significance. The falling waters of Ein Geidi natural reserve and Jerusalem – the eternal city floating on the clouds above both serve as signifiers of Israel where the couple met.

In this way the Ketubah celebrates the Holy Land, Eretz Yisrael as the origin of this love story. Having met whilst on Birthright, and enjoying hikes through natural reserves and in the Dandenong mountain ranges, the Ketubah marries imagery of lush rainforests, flowing rivers and Jerusalem floating in the heavens above.

Key symbols imbued with significance to the couple such as sapphire powdered butterflies and laser cut music notes suspended from the branches emerge into the dreamscape.

Images of the Ketubah recital and wedding ceremony courtesy of CK Photography