The Coalescing Circle Ketubah

This Ketubah features the overlay of two circles as a metaphor of the union of two souls coalescing. Like the couple entering into marriage on their wedding day, each person still retains their individuality – and as such each circle is still honoured with the wholeness of itself.

Yet in tandem they also fuse into a greater being of togetherness, and this is visualised in the convergence of these circular forms into a stunning synergy and synthesis.

Honouring cosmic fabric in this design, crescent moons and full moons as well as suns and other celestial bodies can be seen in the formations of this piece. In is through the lunar and solar cycles, and the seasons of love that soul mates journey from the past into the space of forever, yet always steeped in the present.

The watercolour washed palettes of the different circles were intentionally rendered in different colour schemes alluding the presence of masculine and feminine energies which find balance and harmony together.

The linen underlay gives the piece a textural warmth and sense of materiality that coalesces with most home interiors in which the Ketubah is displayed.

Despite the simplicity of the form and the composition, the work is layered and complex in its mythology and meaning.

Please note, the initials in the top left are optional and can be personalised to reflect that of you and your beloveds’.