The Oceanic Predesigned Ketubah

The Oceanic Ketubah is for those lovers who resonate with the song of the sea and whose love story has both been becoming,
and is in being besides the coast. ???

The Predesigned Oceanic Ketubah is a hymn to the mesmerising rhythms of the effervescent and ephemeral qualities of water –
from the waves waltzing at the surface to the diversity dwelling in its depths.

The ocean hydrates the soul, purifies the mind, restores the heart and refreshes our connection to the mystery of nature
in its depth, vastness and majesty.

The aesthetic, metaphorical and metaphysical dimensions of water are visualised in this rendition of ripples.

Iridescent silver lettering and details sparkle like light on the surface of the sea and add to the enchantment of the piece.

Washed in water colour,

Waxed in wonder,

Waned in wizardry.

The breathe of the waves echo our primordial liquid origins.

There are opportunities to personalise the Ketubah with metallic lettering and vary the text.

Usher the Ocean into your home and your special day.