‘The Peacock in Paradise’ Ketubah

Painted for a couple who love nature, the colouful gardens in this piece are a homage to their hikes and camping trips into the wilderness; departing the noise of the city and entering into the tranquility and silence of nature.  Here the peacock is an expression of the majesty and glory of Hashem’s creations.

The converged canopy created by the branches, analogous to the Chuppah beneath which the couple stand on their wedding day foreshadows the roof of their future home.

The branches, bushes, flowers and pond are aesthetically and compositionally connected to create a unified visual harmony. The intricate brushstrokes and detailed textural layering herald the vitality of life.

Images of the Ketubah signing and wedding ceremony courtesy of Jeremy Blode Photography

Iridescent dapples of golden light shower the waterlilies gracing the pond.

Matching ‘Birkat Habayit – Blessing for the Home’ photographed alongside the Ketubah, reflecting the extension of the Ketubah design into other Judaica artwork.

The Peacock, gracefully basking in its illuminated paradise pauses meditatively beside the pond.

Intricate mixed media detailing cascades down the tail of the Peacock.