The Oceanic Ripple Frame Forever Blue Ketubah

This Ketubah evokes notions of the sea, the sky, and the dreams that blow between them, iterating like the rippling of waves which ebb and flow through the passage of life and time, (and into eternity).

With blue being the couple’s favourite colour, the entire colour palette of the wedding was blue, from the Ketubah to the Kippot, and the ties of the Groomsmen to the Bridemaids’ dresses.

The colour palette is modern and contemporary, drawing on the deep and light blues of the ocean and sky. This Ketubah pairs the silhouette of a muted sky blue Oceanic ripple laser cut frame mask and a watercolour washed background. Here, masking the artwork with the ripple paper-cut frame shape was an alternative to having this frame as a separate physical laser cut layer.

Heralding the vitality and life force of water, the (light blue almost white) silhouette frame mask of oceanic ripples overlays this Ketubah in a veiled blanket.

A coastal tissue is diffused into the aesthetics of the Ketubah, which together with the accompanying ripple design inspired frame, perpetuates the motif of life primordial to water and its necessity to our survival.

With their Rabbi’s blessing, the couple here wanted to include a word painting beneath the Hebrew text of their Ketubah to set the intention of what they want to share in the journey of their lives together.

Photography from the wedding ceremony courtesy of Photography Creations and Jarrod Freedman Photography