The Paired Peony Ketubah

“I equate peonies with love because they’re the first blooms of summer.” – Isaac Mizrahi

When two become one. In a symphony of fuschias, maroon, magenta, violets and lavender notes, two peonies both materialise and merge, marrying into one union.

A beautiful pairing of togetherness, rendered through delicate water colour brush strokes.
Their coalescing symbolises the unity of two souls embarking into eternity on their wedding day.

The enveloping organisation of petals, produced through pigment gesture the intricacy and balance of a life shared with ones beloved. These petals, in their elaborate inter-folding have a textural dimension achieved through the glazing and layering of paint.

This Ketubah is a celebration of the blossoming of love, the blooming of new horizons and the beauty in harmony of a journey shared through life’s garden.

The Hebrew word for Love “Ahava” floats above the flower itself, echoing these themes of love which iterate on this special day and forevermore. This “Ahava” element is rendered in lace details and soft glows to offer a visual lift (as seen in the image below).
It is also optional to have the peonies without Ahava (as seen in the image above).

The background material underlay for this Ketubah is offered in either bridal lace or linen.

These material veils provides an intricate and organic backing for the composition, whilst singing of a bridal quality. The lace texture is above, and the linen – below.

For any customisation to these versions, speak to Ryan. Your initials or another word could be rendered in the lace and span in front of the Ketubah if that resonates with your vision.