The ‘Calla Lily Summer Rain’ Birkat Habayit

This Birkat Habayit pairs two Calla Lilies to symbolise the union of two souls, residing harmoniously together and through this forming a home.

The background draws on an oceanic inspired palette, a sonnet to the sea.

Here fresh shades of acqua wash into each other and are reminiscent of the fresh summer rain besides the sea

Hear the rain drops, pattering on the fresh dew.

Smell the salt of the ocean waves rolling and roaring in.

Gentle soft murmurs of the Calla lilies are echoed in the background, evoking ripples of their centrality as the motif of love in this artwork.

Oceanic ripples stain the linen for an organic and textural underlay.

Speak to Ryan about variations of this artwork for your home.