Swan Song Glass Pouch

Smashed it…. when expanding the canvas.
Two Swans coalesce into a romantic union on a cotton pouch – which holds the glass the groom smashes at the conclusion of the wedding ceremony.

These lovely cotton cloth glass pouches present another opportunity to personalise aspects of your wedding and through attention to detail, allowing the different wedding artefacts to share visual harmony and theming.

Smash the glass and have a specially commissioned matching Glass Pouch and Ketubah union, paired with a matching glass (here the couple went with a dusty pink glass selection).

The ‘Swan Song’ Ketubah and matching Glass Pouch is a Sonnet to the Magic and Majesty of Swans.

The embrace of their elegant and elongated necks coil in pensive union to form a heart. This in turn is reflected in the pond below, mirroring the transcendental nature of their love into other dimensions.

The couples name, the wedding date and “Mazel Tov” offer personalised embellishments to the piece.

“Every lake belongs to the quietness desired by the swans.”  Munia Khan

The Swan Song Ketubah can be viewed at https://todaytomorrowforever.com.au/portfolio/swan-song-ketubah/