The ‘Swan Song’ Glass Pouch

When expanding the canvas and the Swan Lake sings

Here the Swan Song Ketubah was paired with a matching glass cotton pouch.

This also comes with a colour co-ordinated dusty pink glass which the groom smashes at the culmination of the Jewish wedding ceremony.

Smashed it….

The artwork – a sonnet to two souls, features the coming together of two swans, whose elegant and elongated necks coil in pensive union to form a heart.

This Ketubah and Glass Pouch is perfect for couples to whom the quietness and stillness of a meditative Swan Lake resonates, and those who feel their love story itself is a meeting of the minds in the midst of a misty pond where they reflect and are reflected.

By having the different parts relating to the wedding ceremony match, it rejoices in a visual symphony.

“Every lake belongs to the quietness desired by the swans.” ― Munia Khan